John Morrell Food Group

Pet Products

Premium Pet Health, LLC is a division of the John Morrell Food Group that is focused on the development of quality pet and livestock products.


Fresh and Frozen Customized Pet Food Blends and Dry Meals

Premium Pet Health specializes in the sourcing, production, sales and distribution of all proteins for use by the pet care industry, with guaranteed supplies of pork, beef, poultry, fish, lamb and many other exotic proteins. Our unique sourcing, production and distribution model makes PPH the leading protein vendor in the US pet food industry.

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Pet Treats

Premium Pet Health specializes in the production, sales and marketing of all-natural dog treats. Our consumer brand AMERICAN FARMS® provides consumers with a line of 100% All Natural Dog Treats made from Pork and Beef, raised on American farms and manufactured in the United States.


Livestock Feeds

Premium Pet Health specializes in the production, sales and distribution of porcine based feed meals for use in the Animal Feeds and Pet Nutrition industries, for customers both large and small. One of our hallmarks is consistency of quality in physical, chemical, and microbiological characteristics, and all product is verified and guaranteed to be in specification to meet the exacting requirements of feed ingredient customers. Customized feed programs are available.



Smithfield Foods is on the forefront of collaborative efforts in supplying porcine based raw materials to the pharmaceutical industry. Consistent supply, consistent quality, customized distribution models and a commitment to collaborative research and development make Smithfield Foods a leader in biologic sales of porcine based materials. All Smithfield Foods facilities maintain APHIS-Technical certification on items produced for pharmaceutical use.